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Design copied?
Patent infringed?
Name being used without your permission?
Domain name or website name same or similar to yours?

Don't get mad, get....IP-Active!

It can come as a shock to see your name or logo being used without your authorisation, or your product idea or design being copied. The circumstances can range from blatant, deliberate ripping off, to indavertent infringement through ignorance.

What can you do?

What you can do largely depends on the IP rights you have, and the circumstances of the possible infringement. Ideally, you'll have registered rights such as a registered trade mark, a registered design or a granted patent which gives you the right to take action. But even if you do not have any registered rights, such as registered trade marks, designs or patents, you may still be able to take action on the basis of unregistered rights such as design right or copyright, or under the common law of passing off. Such matters can be complex, and it is advisable to seek professional advice as soon as possible. In some circumstances, delay in taking action may count against you.

We understand that for some people, the thought of having to go to court and the possible costs and time involved can act as a deterrent to taking action. Unlike some legal advisors, our aim is not to get you into court as fast as possible, but to try to achieve a satisfactory outcome for you with minimal cost exposure, time expenditure and risk. We've found that most contentious issues can be resolved out of court if handled with care, although it has to be said, not all. We've had plenty of experience in such matters, so you can trust us to advise you professionally, in a way you can understand, and with an eye to minimise your cost risk.

If your trade name (or something similar to it) is being used without your authorisation, or your product has been copied, contact us here without delay to arrange a free initial phone consultation.

Don't get mad, get....IP-Active!

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